President Obama: “35 days left until we elect the last Congress of my presidency”

This morning, with just 35 days left until the November election, President Obama emailed Democrats across the country to ask for their support. Here’s what he said:


There are 35 days left until we elect the last Congress of my presidency.

We still have an opportunity to organize and win the tough races we have to win — but time is the thing we're just about out of. If we don't hit our goals before midnight tonight, we won't be able to build the best organization we can build.

Don't let that happen. Before midnight, chip in $3 or more.


Barack Obama

P.S. — I know how hard you're working to help win this thing, which is why I'd like a chance to thank you in person. Chip in $3 or whatever you can, and you'll be automatically entered to fly out to Los Angeles in a few days to join me.

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