Democratic National Committee Promotes at CHCI

Washington, DC – This year the Democratic National Committee will have an unprecedented presence at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Conference. During CHCI, the DNC will promote the website which is part of our Voter Expansion Project and commitment to increase access to the ballot box for all Americans.

Commenting on the effort, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “Our presence at CHCI promoting is incredibly important in achieving our goal of increasing participation and ensuring language isn’t a barrier to voting. The DNC is committed to expanding access to voting – it’s easier and more convenient for people to participate in the electoral process when they understand when to vote, where to vote, what to bring with them to vote and what to expect on Election Day in order to vote.

“The DNC is committed to providing the information and resources for Hispanics to actively participate in our democracy and elect leaders that share their community’s priorities. The Spanish language campaign ads that we released last week and our presence at CHCI are just one part of our outreach to Hispanics across the country to ensure that this November, the Hispanic community comes out to vote and makes their voices heard.”

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