Your membership card is waiting

Last week was a big one for Democrats, and if you're feeling as fired up as I am, I hope you'll show it by becoming an official DNC member for 2015.

Just pitch in $10 or more to become a member – we'll even send you your membership card to make it official.

Becoming a member is more than just a donation to Democrats. It's a symbol of your special commitment to the President, our party, and the work that we're going to do in 2015. It's an investment not only in the next couple of years, but in the future of the Democratic Party for many elections to come.

Plus, you'll be able to go to all your friends and family, show off your membership card with pride, and declare, “I am a card-carrying Democrat!” (And trust me, that feels good.)

Chip in $10 or more, and we'll put your official 2015 DNC membership card in the mail:

Thanks for taking the next step.

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