Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendment

For nearly six years, the Capital City GLBTA Democratic Caucus, Inc., has worked to educate voters in the Big Bend region of issues important to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied community, while advocating for the passage of local, state, and federal protections that would help to eliminate discrimination in our society.

In honor of that continuing commitment, and in recognition of the growing diversity of our community, the Board of Directors this week approved proposed amendments to the bylaws that would change our organization’s name to Capital Equality Democratic Caucus, Inc.

Marriage equality is now the law of the land in Florida, but the fight for equality continues. We must continue to advocate for a statewide non-discrimination law and for strengthened anti-bullying policies throughout Florida, as well as for transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits for employees of our local governments. We must also fight to secure services that support the elderly members of our community and policies that require government contractors to maintain fair and equal hiring practices and employee benefits. A major battle has been won, but the fight continues.

We believe that this new name – Capital Equality – will allow us to be more inclusive in our approach by being more representative of the families we strive to represent. This is more than just a name – it’s also part of a stronger vision and renewed commitment to ensure that Tallahassee and Leon County become model communities that represent the true values of equality.

The proposed bylaws changes, as drafted by the Bylaws Committee and approved by the Board of Directors, also incorporate recent changes made to the name of the Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus. These proposed changes are being distributed to the general membership for approval at our next membership meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

In service and community,

Andy Janecek
Capital City GLBTA Democratic Caucus

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