Donna Brazile: Sign Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday card

Vice Chair of Voter Registration and Protection Donna Brazile wrote an email to supporters encouraging them to sign Michelle Obama's 50th birthday card. Here's what she had to say:

Friend —

America's First Lady — a woman I'm lucky to call a friend — is turning 50 today, and more than anything, I want to make sure she understands just how much she is loved.

So will you join me (and more than 200,000 folks across the country) and wish her a happy birthday?

Sign the card:

It's not every day our fabulous FLOTUS turns 50, so let's all just take a moment to make it special.

Michelle, if you're reading this: It's gonna be a helluva year, and we're wishing you the best!

Here's to Michelle,

Donna Brazile

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