DNC Launches GOTV Spanish Ad Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC – The Democratic National Committee today launched national and state Spanish language radio ads, the second round of ads in a seven figure national paid media campaign. The first ad, ‘No pierda la oportunidad de votar’ or ‘Don’t miss the opportunity to vote’ will air on Spanish radio stations nationally and key stations in Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.

“This Spanish ad buy is just one part of our outreach to Latinos and Hispanics across the country. Democrats are committed to expanding the vote and we want to ensure that this November Latinos come out to vote and make their voices heard,” said DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “There’s a lot at stake in these midterm elections, and these ads highlight many of the issues Democrats are fighting for – affordable higher education, an increase in the minimum wage, and protecting Medicare.

Additional waves of ads will launch in the coming weeks.

Listen to the ad, HERE

Below please find a transcript for, ‘No pierda la oportunidad de votar”

Republicans think we’re going to stay home.

They voted against our kids for a budget that could lay off 29,000 teachers and aides.

They voted against our parents with a plan that would end Medicare as we know it.

And time and time again they voted to protect their millionaire friends instead of raising the minimum wage to help you and your family.

What they don’t understand is that our families still believe in the American dream.

It’s time to rise up — we can’t stay at home.

The decisions we make this November are too important:

For schools that prepare our children to compete …

To create jobs with dignity for the middle class …

And to assure health care that honors the work and sacrifice of our parents.

Don’t miss this opportunity to vote.

Visit VoyAVotar2014.com and make a promise to defend your family … make a promise to vote, Democrat.

“Paid for by the Democratic National Committee, democrats.org, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

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