College Democrats respond to President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address

During tonight’s State of the Union, Barack Obama laid out a vision for an economy that grows from the middle-class out, and makes sure the playing field is level for all Americans – especially young people.

He’s already got a record to be proud of…

And that’s just a few of his accomplishments. Tonight, the President laid out an agenda that will build on that progress – helping  make college more accessible and less expensive, by granting two years of free community college to any American willing to work for it. For a generation focused on filling the jobs and creating the businesses of tomorrow, this matters. The President’s continued fight for a level playing field for America’s young people is making a difference for the millennial generation, which is likely what’s contributing to his 60% approval rating with Americans under 40.

Meanwhile, the Republicans trotted out Joni Ernst, a Senator who would cut would cut Pell Grants and privatize student loans, while raking in donations from big banks. It’s no shock, then, that both the student lending industry and for-profit colleges have reason to be excited about the prospect of a GOP Congress. While the President and Democrats are focused on helping the middle class and young people get ahead, the Republican party is focused on helping the billionaires and big banks that bankroll their campaigns.

Put simply: Middle class economics is the right path for our generation. The GOP’s broken, trickle-down policies are a failed product of a generation gone by.

Given the important agenda the Administration is laying out for America’s young people, College Democrats President Natasha McKenzie released the following statement:

The proposals President Obama laid out tonight are game-changers for America’s young people. We share his vision for an economy that works for everyone—not just the well-heeled and well-off that have political influence. All we’re asking for is a chance to have meaningful careers and make a difference, and to know that rules aren’t stacked against us. The President’s middle-class economics help to level the playing field so all young people can get ahead. The old, broken, trickle down experiment has failed young people for decades, and we look forward to fighting with the President for a future that gives everyone a chance to succeed.

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