Bill Clinton: “What you’re seeing from our opponents right now is unprecedented”

With less than one month until election day, President Bill Clinton emailed Democrats yesterday to ask them to do what they can to help elect candidates across the country. Read it here:

Hey there —

There's an election around the corner, so I've been traveling around the country to help Democrats who are standing up for the values you and I believe in.

I've been in Kentucky with Alison Lundergan Grimes, in Florida with Charlie Crist, in Iowa with Bruce Braley, in Arkansas with Mark Pryor, and several other states. These folks are real leaders with great ideas about how to expand the middle class and make sure that every American has a fair shot at success. They do us proud.

But their great ideas won't amount to a hill of beans this November if their message gets drowned out by people like the Koch brothers. Join me, and keep that from happening — chip in $3 or more today to support Democrats.

What you're seeing from our opponents right now is unprecedented. They're willing to say just about anything to tear down our candidates, and they're willing to spend whatever it takes to get traction. And if we don't step up, it could work.

We've got a chance to do something great here in 28 days — but it won't happen without your help.

Please do what you can to support Democrats today:


Bill Clinton

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